How often should you get your dog groomed

On average dogs are groomed between 6 - 10 weeks apart. This is all dependant on the breed of the dog and the time of the year, and also how much you groom your dog at home inbetween grooms. Some breeds however will require daily brushing by you "the owner of the dog." On visits for full dog grooms,  if you want to keep your dogs coat long then please make sure to keep it brushed out, because if your dogs come in badly matted then we are duty bound by the animal welfare act 2007, to shave your dog as it is against the law to cause your animal undue stress and pain due to severe matting. We will try to de-matt to the best that we can, (at an additional charge of £5 per half hour) however, if coats are too badly matted they may need to be shaved after all. You will be advised of condition and possible outcome on arrival and after initial inspection of your dogs coat. We can give guidance on how to avoid this in the future.

If you have any queries please contact us either through email or phone.