PRIVACY POLICY General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) You may have heard that the data protection regulations in the UK are changing when the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) come into force on 25 May 2018. Privacy Policy All data about you is treated as strictly confidential and is held in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). What information does Pampered Pets Services Ltd hold on its clients? The personal information pampered pets has recorded on our client forms, course registration forms, employment application forms and salon based Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) system is; a) Any data submitted by someone via a contact form at; this information is automatically emailed to and is automatically downloaded. The mail software solely used for this purpose is password protected. THE PAMPERED PETS WEBSITE ITSELF DOES NOT HOLD ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION. PLEASE SEE OUR COOKIE POLICY. b) Any data submitted via the pampered pets Facebook Pages (including Facebook’s messaging service), Twitter, Instagram; the accounts are all password protected and administered only by pampered pets authorised users. c) The name, address and other information as supplied by the client via online software (See paragraph 5, below). d) Any information sent via cellular/data text message to any telephone number operated by Pampered Pets. Pampered Pets also holds the data contained on any hardcopy forms completed by a client. All hardcopy information is securely stored at the Pampered Pets address to which you provided the hardcopy*. It is worthy of note that Pampered Pets makes use of an electronic data recording system, although this does not replace/preclude the hardcopy recording of information, some clients will have both hard copy and electronic data recorded. Why does Pampered Pets hold data on its clients? Pampered Pets will use your name, address, phone number and/or email address, emergency contact name and phone number stored on contact/registration/google forms or on Premier EPOS Software. This information is used for the following: to confirm/remind/arrange future bookings or arrangements to send invoices in respect of bookings or services to make contact in the event of an emergency whilst you or your pet is in our company/care to update you on your pets whilst you are away if requested (email/SMS as agreed) Please let us know at any time should you wish that method to be changed or if you subsequently want your details removing from this. Online Third-Party Software (Premier EPOS Software/Google Forms) Pampered Pets uses online third-party software to record service requests and service agreements, and to forward electronic invoices to clients. The data held is that which has already been submitted via means described at Paragraphs 3 a), b), c) and d), above. All internet-based accounts as described throughout this Policy (with the exception of are protected by the clients own email and password log in. Whilst all accounts are password protected, Snobby Dogs cannot guarantee the security of clients’ data contained on the servers of any internet-based or third-party software provider. That said, Premier EPOS and Google are also GDPR compliant. Access to your personal Information If a client or former client wishes to know what data is held on them by Pampered Pets, they can do so by submitting a written (including electronic) request via any means to Pampered Pets. They will receive any information we hold within one calendar week. Charges may apply. Deletion of personal data – the ‘right to be forgotten’ If personal data is no longer necessary to the purpose for which it is intended, it will be deleted. If a client/prospective client wishes for personal data to be deleted, they can do so by written request (via any means). They will receive confirmation of such within one calendar week. Transferring data to third parties Pampered Pets reserves the right to move personal information to other services or systems, without notice to the client, which have been identified to benefit the service Pampered Pets provides. Pampered Pets Services Ltd is registered with companies house. Pampered Pets WILL NOT sell or otherwise forward the personal information of any client/prospective to any third party. We will only share information if required by law. Data Breaches Should a personal information breach occur on the part of a software provider, Pampered Pets will inform the client immediately. It is the responsibility of that provider to inform their respective data protection authority (in the UK it is the Information Commissioner’s Office). Should the breach occur on the part of Pampered Pets, the UK Information Commissioner’s Office will be informed within 72 hours, following investigation into the breach. The client will be informed of the breach. Enquiries Should a client or prospective client have any comments or questions regarding the use and protection of their personal information by Pampered Pets, they should contact Pampered Pets in the first instance. * Pampered Pets Services Ltd, 55 West Street, Sittingbourne, Kent, ME10 1AN